Privacy Policy

The Company NET REVIEWS, who publishes the website, has always been particularly conscious of issues linked to the respect of confidentiality, as well as the protection of personal data of its Users and Clients.

Firstly, we act as an independent third-party, collecting and distributing your Reviews linked to a consumer experience, and secondly, we ensure conformity of the content collected to French law and to the AFNOR NF Z74-501 standard which binds us to respecting and preserving the reliability of published Reviews.

Verified Reviews therefore ensures the highest level of protection for Personal Data personnel in accordance with European and French regulations applicable to the protection of such data.

Since 25 May 2018, the new General Regulation on the Protection of Data has entered into force (EU Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of 27 April 2016 (GDPR)) in order to give European residents control over their personal data.

So that you can continue to use our services with confidence, this « Privacy Policy » describes in detail our policy and practices concerning the collection, use and disclosure of Personal Data.

The entry into force of these new Regulations is, for Verified Reviews, an opportunity to strengthen your trust through greater transparency in the processing and use of your Personal data.
The major changes made by this « Privacy Policy » are following:
- More detail and clarity on the data that Verified Reviews collects and processes at each time of our relationship ;
- More transparency on how Verified Reviews is likely to work - with your
consent - to share the Data, with its subcontractors and partners;
- More details on your rights and how to exercise them.

Table of Contents

1 : Definitions

2 : Personal Data collected by Verified Reviews

3 : The Use of Personal Data by Verified Reviews

4 : Sharing of the Personal Data collected by Verified Reviews

5 : Security and Confidentiality of Personal Data

6 : Rights relating to Personal Data and their implementation


1. Definitions

In the present Privacy Policy, each of the following terms must be understood according to its definition.

Verified Reviews Attestation : web page indexed by Google and/or other Search Engines, specific to each Client, on which all Reviews concerning the latter are displayed. This page is accessible by clicking on the Widget or clicking the URL of the web page referenced by the Search Engine.

Verified Reviews : Simplified Joint Stock Company NET REVIEWS, registered on the Trade and Companies Register of Marseille under number 750 882 375, and publishing company of website

Review : general designation grouping Product Reviews and Client Reviews.

Product Review : score, evaluation or comment given by a Consumer on the quality of a Product.

Client Review : score, evaluation or comment given by a Consumer in relation to the overall quality of the service provided by a Client on his/her website or high street shop.

Consumer database : all personal data relating to Consumers, sent by the Customer to Verified Reviews, in relation to using the Solution.

Adwords campaign : Google search engine advertising system, which displays adverts or ad banners, targeted according to the keywords typed by web users or according to the web users' browsing behaviour.

Trade Partner or Shop : physical or legal person using the services of Verified Reviews to collect its Customers' opinions concerning a product they have purchased, their experience as a user or any other action giving rise to an opinion request in relation to its activities.

Order or Purchase : order, purchase or use of a product by a Consumer from a Client, via the Client’s website or in a high street shop.

GCU or general conditions of use : conditions applicable to any person connecting to the Verified Reviews website and/or using Verified Reviews services.

GCP or general conditions of provision : conditions applicable to any person subscribing to a Verified Reviews offer.

Consumer : individual or entity having purchased or having freely benefited from a product of the Client.

Personal Data : any information relating to an identified individual or an individual that may be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by entering login details, such as a name, identification number, location data, online ID, or one or more specific elements relating to the individual’s physical, psychological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social status.

Form : internet page which the Consumer may access, by clicking the link sent to them via email or SMS after each order or purchase, and which the Consumer may complete in order to submit a Review.

Internet : collection of interconnected IT and telecommunication networks, of a global dimension, allowing access to content for Consumers via servers.

Internet User : person using the internet network to access various content made available to the public.

Search Engine : website allowing users to find resources relating to any words on the internet network.

Product : product or service sold or offered freely by a Client to the Consumer on their website or in a high street store.

Site : website from which Net Reviews offers its Solution, and is accessible at the following address

Solution : software services and solutions allowing the generation, administration and verification of the reliability and visibility of Consumer Reviews.

Widgets : designs created by Verified Reviews displaying the average score obtained from Client Reviews or Product Reviews.


2. Personal Data collected by Verified Reviews

We remind you that our online Consumer Review collection services have been certified with the NF mark since 28 March 2014, and in relation to the above we commit to respect standard NF Z74-501 and certificate repository NF522 which in particular commits us to publish all Reviews, positive and negative, following a moderation process defined in our General Conditions of Use.

We are therefore committed to our Clients to prevent any selection of any kind, therefore each Consumer with a consumer experience from one of our Clients will be surveyed, and will therefore receive a Review request that they may submit, without compensation, within a period of three months from receipt of the invitation.

2.1. Personal Data collected by our Trade Partners and sent to us at the time of your Order

Our solution is based on the collection of a Review following an order finalised on the Client's website or in one of its high street shops.
Therefore, when you submit an order to one of our Trade Partners, we collect the Personal Data listed below.

In accordance with the stipulations of article 7 of EU Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of 27 April 2016, we require that our Clients respect this regulation and that they have obtained your consent prior to us collecting your Data and processing this Data.

Data we need to receive from all our Trade Partners :
• Surname ;
• First name ;
• Email address ;
• Order date and reference ;
• In case of purchase, date and location of purchase in one of the high street shops of our Clients ;
• Internal and international names and references for the ordered Product (GTIN/ISDNF).
Other Data we may potentially receive from some of our Trade Partners :
• Date of birth ;
• Gender ;
• Telephone number ;
• Consumption habits (type of products purchased, purchase frequency) ;
• Name and reference of the shop assistant.

2.2. Data we collect directly from Consumers

When you wish to directly submit a Review, you have the possibility to do so by contacting us in the following ways :
• via the contact form ;
• via the submission platform available from the Verified Reviews Attestation relating to the Client ;
• via our email addresses.

At this time, we need to collect the following Personal Data :
• Surname ;
• First name ;
• Email address ;
• Order date and reference ;
• In case of purchase, date and location of purchase in one of the high street shops of our Clients.
In order to respect our obligations relating to the Afnor NF Z74-501 Standard, we ask you, however, to provide proof of purchase to validate your consumer experience (invoice, receipt, purchase order, etc)

In the context of verification processes, we may collect the following additional Personal Data :
• Postal address ;
• Telephone number ;
• Total spent on order ;
• Payment method used.
Please note that this Data is only used to verify the authenticity of a consumer experience and to meet the Afnor Standard. It is therefore not retained by Verified Reviews and is immediately deleted.


2.3. Data we collect upon submission of a Review

After each Order or Purchase from one of our Trade Partners, we invite you to submit a Review on your consumer experience via email or SMS, to which a link is attached and will direct you to a Review Form.

This invitation, valid for three months, is only sent to you when you finalise an Order or make a purchase from one of our Trade Partners.
It is the same link as to which you are directed when you submit a Review to us directly (§3.2).

At no time will you be asked to create an account on our Site.

Having completing the form, when you submit a Review we must collect the following Personal Data :
• The score you give your consumer experience ;
• Your comments and observations on your consumer experience ;
• The date and time of submission of the Review ;
• IP Adress of the product used to submit a Review.

However, upon request from our Clients, we may also add additional question(s) on specific topics to the form. We collect the responses you give in these surveys.

By completing this form, you also have the possibility to provide us with additional information, such as :
• Your age ;
• Your gender ;
• Your consumer habits ;
• Photos or videos.

Submission of this information is not mandatory and is not required in order to submit your Review. You may choose to not provide this information.

2.4. Data we collect during moderation processes

Following the filing of a Review, there is sometimes a phase of moderation of the customer Review.

Moderation is a process prior to the publication of a Review which aims to ensure the conformity of the collected content with the French law and the AFNOR NF Z74-501 standard that we undertake to respect in order to preserve the reliability of published customer Reviews. All content relating to consumer identity and Opinions collected and intended to be published are moderated.

Through this moderation process, we guarantee total transparency for both our Partner Merchants and Consumers. Indeed, in accordance with the AFNOR NF Z 74-501 Standard, we undertake to transmit and publish notes, comments and additional information in a manner strictly identical to those we collect, except for any mention or declaration of an illegal or inappropriate nature, or contrary to our General Conditions of Use. Thus, we return the customer Reviews in their entirety, whether positive or negative, without being able to modify or correct them, as soon as they have not been rejected during the moderation defined in article 5.2. of our General Terms and Conditions of Use. Thus, as part of the moderation process, we are required to collect the Personal data corresponding to the Consumer's response(s) the Partner Merchant's comments with respect to a customer Review.

We remind you that we only act as intermediaries and do not interfere in the existing relationship between our Merchant Partner and the Consumer.

2.5. Data we collect after one clic on « useful Review »

This type of Review makes it possible to indicate whether the Review that is read by an Internet user has been useful to him. It is only so there is no need to write a Review to click on « useful Review yes » or « useful Review no ».

Any Internet user, reader of the customer Reviews collected by Verified Reviews may specify, if he/she so wishes wishes, if the Review he has read seems useful to him in his search for information. Thus, in order to ensure the relevance of this functionality, we retrieve the IP address of the Internet user clicking on « useful Review » so that a Consumer can only vote one times.

2.6. Data we collect for the functionality of the « Questions/Answers » module

The « Questions / Answers » module allows an Internet user to ask a question about a product. Consumers who have already ordered this product are requested by email to respond to the Internet user interested in this product.

We necessarily collect the following data that we receive from all of our Partner merchants :
- Last name ;
- First name ;
- Email address ;
- Date and reference of the Order;
- Date and place of purchase if it is made in one of our partner merchant’s stores ;
- Name and internal and international references (GTIN / ISDNF) of the Product ordered.

In addition, we may also collect other Data that may be sent by our merchant partners such as :
- Date of birth of the Consumer ;
- Sex ;
- Telephone number ;
- Consumption habits (type of products purchased, frequency of purchase) ;
- Name and reference of the seller.
In addition, when a Partner Merchant has subscribed to our « Questions & Answers » module, we will collect the response(s) of Consumers of this product to the questions asked by the said Internet user on the website of the Partner Merchant.

2.7. Data we collect when you visit our Site

2.7.1. Cookies

In order to make our website as simple, reliable and useful as possible we use cookies and other similar technologies (grouped under the denomination « Cookies » in the present Privacy Policy).

Cookies are basic digital information (text files) concerning your internet usage, they do not identify you personally, but they identify the computer you are using.

As such Cookies allow us to recognise your computer or mobile device when you visit our website and thus personalise and improve your browsing experience. Cookies contain information that the website uses to make communication between you and your browser more efficient.

We use various types of Cookies, such as session cookies, permanent cookies and technologies similar to these types of cookies as defined below :
• Session cookies are temporary small text files which are deleted when you close your internet browser ;
• Permanent cookies are stored small text files which are recorded and remain on your computer until they are deleted. Permanent cookies remove themselves after a certain period of time, but they are renewed each time you visit the website.

We use technologies similar to session cookies and permanent cookies to record and access information on the browser or device, which uses local units and local storage, notably HTML5 cookies, Flash and other methods. These technologies may be used on all your browsers. In certain cases, usage of these technologies cannot be controlled via the browser and requires special tools.

We use these technologies to record information in order to ensure the quality of Reviews and to detect irregularities when using the website. By using our website, you are consenting to the use of these Cookies. However, you can modify your Cookies settings at any time. Below you will find further information on how to manage your Cookies settings.

• Why do we use cookies ?

We use cookies described as « essential » which serve to facilitate access to our website, helping you to navigate and to use all the features of our website.
They also allow the detection and prevention of fraud. We can thus verify the quality of Reviews submitted and prevent any misappropriation or irregularities linked with the publication of a Review or the use of our website.
We do not advise you to deactivate Cookies described as « essential », as otherwise you will no longer be able to access and browse our website.
We also use cookies described as 'analytical and functional'.
They provide us with anonymous information, which allows us to better understand how you use our website and how we can improve it.
They are therefore used solely for marketing purposes.
Cookies described as « analytical and functional » also allow us to generate various statistics (in particular demographics).
They allow us in particular to measure the performance of our website, the number of visits, but also to monitor its performance and to understand how you use it.
As such, in order to optimise your experience on our website, Cookies allow us to test various design characteristics and functionality on our site and carry out studies to improve the services we offer via our website.
Data collected in this way is exclusively intended for Verified Reviews. Any transmission of the data to third parties is subject to the prior consent of the visitor concerned.
Verified Reviews expressly informs those visiting the website that they may deactivate cookies in their web browser or block them.
Data from cookies is stored for a maximum duration of five years.

2.7.2. Third-Party Cookies

A third-party cookie is a cookie placed on your computer by the server of a domain other than our Site. A 'collected' third-party cookie on our site has not necessarily been placed by us.
The most used third-party cookies are generally those intended for audience analysis and marketing services. They are also used by regulators and various publicity platforms.
They allow to recognise a computer on a number of different sites and thus permit personalised tracking. Third-party cookies collect data on the way you use our site, which explains why certain browsers are configured to process third-party cookies in a specific way, and these can only be accepted with the agreement of the internet user.
As such, when you visit our website, the following third-party cookies may be installed and therefore collect data :
• Segment: For statistical purposes.
• Amplitude: For statistical purposes.
• Facebook (defined by Facebook only if you connect to the Facebook module or if you are already logged in to Facebook when you use the website) : In order to ensure connection and integration with Facebook.
• Twitter (defined by Twitter only if you connect to the Twitter module or if you are already logged in to Twitter when you use the website) : In order to ensure connection and integration with Twitter.
• Google+ (defined by Google only if you connect to the Google+ module or if you are already logged in to Google when you use the website): In order to ensure connection and integration with Google+.
• Google AdSense: In order to display relevent advertisements, see below.
• Javascript: For monitoring purposes, including how you use our website, our widgets and our applications and to create a rich website and widgets.
• New Relic: In order to monitor and analyse the performance of our applications and user session measures. You can learn more about cookies from New Relic here:
• Alexa: In order to monitor and control the peak times of our website, in particular general visitor numbers, conversions and others.

2.7.3. Removing or Blocking Cookies

You can thus refuse new « cookies » or receive a message notifying you of the receipt of cookies, or deactivate cookies, either systematically or according to their issuer.
It is also possible to delete cookies manually.
It is also possible to choose to deactivate or delete similar data used by accessory software on your browser by modifying the settings of these tools or visiting the website of the software developer.
However, we inform you that according to the configuration of your browser, you may encounter a number of difficulties using our website and as such lose access to some of our content and services.
If applicable we cannot be held responsible for any consequences linked to the degraded performance of our site resulting from the inability to use the cookies necessary for its functionality.

2.7.4. Connection data

When you consult our website and in particular when you access the Review Form, we record the IP address of your computer and your browser settings (web browsing software used, reference website and information relating to your online activity).
The IP address is the numeric address of the computer used to visit our website.
Your browser settings include the type of browser you use, the browser language and the time zone.


2.8. Data we collect from social networks

Our Solution does not require the creation of an account for Consumers wanting to leave a Review on their consumer experience.

As such, we limit the Personal Data collected and processed to that which is strictly necessary for our Solution.

In order to create a better experience and increase confidence in the Reviews published, we do however offer the option to Consumers, when submitting a Review, to link this to their profile on social networks such as Facebook.
This functionality allows you to use our services, whilst logged in to social networks, and to display members of your network who have submitted a Review.
At the time of this connection, we may collect certain data that you have previously submitted to these social networks, such as :
• user name ;
• email address ;
• gender ;
• date of birth ;
• profile photo ;
• geographic location ;
• your network of friends.
When you link your Review to a social network, you are informed in advance of the Data we will receive.

2.9. Data we collect from our Clients

In the context of registering as a Trade Partner, and with regards to our collaboration, we may directly collect certain Personal Data which falls within the context of the GDPR, such as :
• Surname of the representative within the company, and of any person with access to our Site ;
• First name of the representative within the company, and of any person with access to our Site ;
• Email address of the representative within the company, and of any person with access to our Site ;
• Telephone number of the company, of the person responsible within the company, and of any person with access to our Site.


3. The Use of Personal Data by Verified Reviews

In accordance with EU Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of 27 April 2016 (GDPR), we only process your Data when such processing meets at least one of the following conditions :
• For the purposes specified, you are consenting to the processing of your data by accepting the present Privacy Policy
• This processing is necessary for the functionality of our Solution, the improvement of our services and the maintenance of a secure environment
• This processing is necessary in relation to our various legal obligations

More specifically, we collect and process your data for the following purposes:
• Access to and use of our Solution and our services ;
• Management of the functionality and optimisation of our Solution and our services ;
• Collection and publication of your Review on the Trade Partner's site and on search engines, notably Google ;
• Establishing the Verified Reviews Attestation ;
• The verification, identification and authentication of transmitted data and notably the verification of the authenticity of your Review ;
• Conformity of our Review collection services with the Afnor NF Z74-501 standard relating to online Reviews, to collection processes and to moderation and restitution ;
• Implementation of moderation processes in accordance with the Afnor NFZ74-501 standard and our General Conditions of Use and in particular :
o To contact you if your Review is flagged by other users and, if necessary, to ask you to provide the documents necessary to verify your Review ;
o To communicate with you during the Review process and thus inform you of the follow-up to your Review, the moderation process, through to the rejection or publication of the Review ;
o To communicate the Trade Partner’s possible response to your Review and to allow you to communicate with them ;
• Provision of a support service ;
• Application of our General Conditions of Use and General Conditions of Provision ;
• Customisation of our services, in particular by :
o The ability to share your Review on social networks ;
o The ability to display the members of your social networks who have submitted a Review via Verified Reviews in order to develop Review confidence and create a better experience for the users of our website.
• Analysis of data, audit, and identification of usage trends ;
• Conducting marketing and statistical analyses ;
• Monitoring and prevention of fraud, malware, and the management of security incidents ;
• Development of new products and services ;
• The exercise of any recourse in relation to the limitation of damages we risk incurring, notably in the case of illicit action linked with the use of our site ;
• Protection of our rights, our confidentiality, our security and/or our property and/or that of our Clients, Consumers or Third-Parties ;
• Respect of our various legal obligations and in particular :
o Decree No. 2017-1436 of 29 September 2017 relating to IT obligations on online consumer Reviews ;
o Law No. 2016-1321 of 7 October 2016 for a Digital Republic ;
o European Regulation No. 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 known as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ;
o Directive 2005/29/EC of the European Parliament and Council of 11 May 2005 relating to unfair commercial practices of companies towards consumers in the internal market and modifying directive 84/450/EEC of the Council and directives 97/7/EC, 98/27/EC and 2002/65/EC ;
o Law No. 2004-801 of 6 August 2004 relating to the protection of individuals in relation to the processing of personal data and modifying law no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on information technology, data files and civil liberties.
• Setting out the conditions of use of payment services ;
• Sending business information to our Clients.

We would like to specify that we never send marketing related messages to the Consumer. The only messages (email or SMS) that you will receive from us will be a message inviting you to submit a Review and to follow-up on direct messages such as, and in particular messages inviting you to respond to questions posted by internet users of the Trade Partner's site. No other messages will be sent to you.


4. Sharing of the Personal Data collected

4.1. Publication of Reviews

By completing and submitting the Review Form, you consent that your Review will be made accessible to the public, through the publication and distribution of the Review on the website of our Client, as well as on commercial partner sites and search engines, in particular Google or Bing.

This Review may be viewed by all visitors of these websites.

The published Review will mention at least the following information about you :
• Your First Name ;
• The first letter of your Surname ;
• Your scores and comments ;
• The date and time of submission of the Review ;
• Date of the Order or Purchase ;
• The Product purchased ;
• Place of Purchase (in case of Purchases in high street shop).
This Review may also include :
• The right of the Trade Partner to respond in addition to the whole of your exchanges with the latter, unless the Trade Partner has deactivated this functionality ;
• All non-mandatory additional personal information that you have chosen to provide, such as :
o Your age ;
o Your gender ;
o Your consumer habits ;
o Photos or videos.

As such, your Review is displayed only with your first name and the first letter of your surname.

However, if you would like to make your Review completely anonymous or use a pseudonym, you may request this from us directly by contacting us at the following address :


4.2. Sharing with third-parties

At Verified Reviews, we have never sold and we will never sell Personal Data to third-parties.

However, it is important that you know that we share your Data with third parties and we want you to be fully informed.

We therefore use third-party companies to :
• Maintain the technical functionality of our Solution and our services ;
• Increase the visibility of your Reviews on the internet.

These sub-contractors and partners may have limited access to some of your Personal Data in the strict context of the execution of services.

They have a contractual obligation to use these in accordance with the specifications of the applicable regulation in relation to the protection of personal data.

We therefore commit to verify that all our sub-contractors and partners scrupulously respect EU Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and the Council of 27 April 2016 (GDPR).

In this context, we require that all our sub-contractors and partners provide satisfactory guarantees demonstrating that technical and organisational security measures applicable to the protection of personal data have been taken.

If you would like a list of our sub-contractors and service providers, please send us an email to :

We may also need to share your information if we deem its disclosure is necessary :
• To defend against claims brought before Verified Reviews and in conformity with administrative and legal procedures ;
• In relation to merger activities, acquisition or termination of assets or administration proceedings.

We finally inform you that due to the organisation of our company, we may need to share some of your Data with a group company which may be located outside of the European Economic Area.

In this event, we will ensure that the third-party country presents a sufficient level of protection in relation to authority and control and that the appropriate measures and checks are established in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in order to protect your Data.


5. Security and Confidentiality of Personal Data

We only retain and store your data for the duration strictly necessary for the purposes defined in article 5 of the present Privacy Policy and in particular in order to satisfy the requirements of the Afnor NFZ74-501 standard and our legal obligations.

All Data is kept for eighteen (18) months and only Cookies Data is kept for a maximum period of five (5) years.We ensure the strict confidentiality of Personal Data collected and processed.

As such, we have put in place organisational, technical, logistical and physical measures designed to protect your Data against alterations, destruction or unauthorised access such as :
• Techniques for the anonymisation and pseudonymisation of your Data have been implemented in order to increase security ;
• A regular backup of Data with regularly validated recovery processes has been implemented ;
• Your Data is subject to access control (authentication and authorisation control), processing, storage or exchange (encryption) in order to ensure confidentiality ;
• All access to the information system is subject to the identification/authentication of the requesting party and monitoring of his/her authorisations/clearances ;
• All developments are subject to a security analysis in order to evaluate their level. If the level required is not achieved an additional design phase takes place in order to meet it.

Our information system is monitored by internal software, in order to verify its proper functionality and ensure no vulnerabilities are present.

Our information system has centralised and protected logging devices for the use of services allowing us to detect intrusions or fraudulent use, attempt to identify the causes and origins, avoid further contamination of other sites and return the system to full functionality.

The security level of our information systems is regularly tested (every 6 months) in order to ensure no inherent security fault is present.

Despite all these measures, we must direct your attention to the fact that the internet is not a completely secure environment, and as such we cannot guarantee the security of the transmission and storage of your data.

In accordance with article 33 of the GDPR, we commit to notify the relevant authorities, as early as possible, of any violation of data likely to invoke risk in relation to the rights and freedoms of individuals.

For any clarification relating to the organisational, technical, logistical and physical measures that we have put in place in order to ensure the security and confidentiality of your Data, you may contact us at the following address:


6. Rights relating to Personal Data and their implementation

In accordance with European and French regulations applicable to it in with regard to the protection of personal data, you have, at any time and at any place for any reason, of different rights with respect to the processing of the Data you provide. There is a right of access, rectification, deletion and opposition, a right to the limitation of processing, a right to data portability, a right not to be subjected to an automated individual decision (including profiling), a right to define guidelines for storing, deleting and communicating your data to personal nature after your death.

We guarantee to all persons visiting our Site or using our Solution and our services the exercise of these rights in accordance with EU Regulation 2016/679 of European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (GDPR).

The processing of your Data is based on your consent, given for several purposes specific. You have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your Personal data at any time, without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing based on consent given prior to withdrawal.

In relation to these rights :
• You may choose not to respond to our invitation to submit a Review ;
• You may choose not to complete the non-mandatory fields on the Review Form ;
• You may, if you are a Client, update or delete Data concerning you by connecting to your account and configuring your account settings ;
• You may, if you are a Client, delete your account by following the procedure defined in our General Condition of Provision ;
• You may exercise your right to access in order to understand the breakdown of the Personal Data concerning you ;
• You may verify, complete or update the information that you have provided ;
• You may request the removal of all data of a personal nature ;
• You may request that we send you all Data in a structured format by contacting us at the following address :

Please note that the exercise of these rights is free of charge, as long as these requests are not neither unfounded nor excessive, in which case the user will pay the costs of processing the asks.

We also inform you that you will be able to contact the competent control authority to submit the claim you consider appropriate.
All requests must :
1) Specify the applicant's address to which the response of Verified Reviews must be sent ;
2) Include the double-sided copy of the applicant's identity document ;
3) To reach us according to the following formalism: email to or by post to the address indicated above :

Dépertement Compliance
18-20 Avenue Robert Schuman
CS 40494
13002 Marseille

Please note that when we remove your Personal Data, we also remove all Reviews linked to your email address and that no requests will be processed by telephone.
In addition, you will need to provide proof of your identity.
We will reply to you within a maximum of one (1) month from the date of receipt of your request.

Version 3.4 - 13/03/2019