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Eva showed empathy and solved my issue quickly! She was very professional and straight-forwarding! Excelent customer service!
13/07/2019 by .

following an experience of 09/07/2019

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4 / 5

I would have given a 5 star ,but it was let down by the condition of the packaging,ie the box was squashed and crumpled in transit,fortunately the dvd wasn't damaged and still works okay.
04/05/2019 by .

following an experience of 23/04/2019

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4 / 5

Price and service were great, I did not realise they ship from the Czech Republic though - delivery took a week.
19/02/2019 by .

following an experience of 31/01/2019

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5 / 5

Really reaĺly good ...a perfume damaged in transit was immediately replaced and postage refunded witha personal message from one of the stsff...couldn't be bettered...and the perfume is great !
30/01/2019 by .

following an experience of 11/01/2019

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If you are a uk user it is incredibly difficult to complete an order. All credit transactions will be declined.
Even if your transaction is initially accepted it may then be declined and your order rejected. It has only ever been possible for me to complete any purchase using PayPal.
30/01/2019 by .

following an experience of 28/12/2018

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Dear customer, we are truly sorry to hear that you are struggling with completing your order with payment via card online. Please be informed, that the payments are often being stopped by the bank of the client (yours) for suspect of fraud, as our bank is in Czech Republic. I would recommend to you to get in touch with your bank, to discusse the situation with them, and for the bank to stop rejecting the transaction for suspect of fraudulent transaction.
Thank you for understanding.



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