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5 / 5

Fast delivery and excelent services.
24/09/2020 by .

following an experience of 18/09/2020

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1 / 5

Very very bad
04/09/2020 by .

following an experience of 16/08/2020

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2 / 5

The order arrived promptly but The GB adapter were not shipped, terribly disappointed as I cannot use the toaster and handmixer I ordered.
30/07/2020 by .

following an experience of 06/07/2020

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3 / 5

Very impressed with the service, So thank you! 👍 I will be happy to use your services again!
19/06/2020 by .

following an experience of 15/06/2020

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5 / 5

very easy to use and Access the required information would recommend to my friends and business partners
07/04/2020 by .

following an experience of 29/03/2020

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4 / 5

Paying was slightly confusing but I think that's because my item was a preorder. I contacted their customer service team and they cleared everything up for me very quickly :-)
18/03/2020 by .

following an experience of 13/03/2020

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