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As a company they do what they say, however the delivery today was one of the worst I have ever encountered, rude and disrespectful does not come close, to treat a 75 year old woman the way she was treated today would stop me ordering anything else from this company
31/01/2019 by .

Order date 27/01/2019

Response from Catering Hygiene Specialists
Louise I'm terribly sorry to hear of your experience today and would agree this is totally unacceptable. Your item came directly from the manufacturers, I will pass your coments on and request they forward it to the couriers for further investigation.

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washing machine arrived we had paid for the old one to be removed. The delivery drivers would not remove as they said it was not notified to them. The following day I had to call customer services and confirmed we had paid for this service and re-arrange a collection. Advise that they need to improve communication of orders with their transport team. All staff were polite no issues just lack of communication and a washing machine removed sat at an exit area for a weekend
25/01/2019 by .

Order date 21/01/2019

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Hate to leave bad reviews but what can I say: 3 out 4 purchased equipment broke after couple of uses.

Electric griddle - broke
Electric table top fryers - exploded on me with hot oil
Gas fryer would not start
20/02/2019 by .

Order date 12/10/2018

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Very bad customer service should of had a delivery in 2 to days it finally came 9 days later and after lots iof calls it was going to cost me more to cancel for their mistake if I did this service with my business I would have no customers use someone else
15/01/2019 by .

Order date 18/10/2018

Response from Catering Hygiene Specialists
Paul, please accept our apologies the additional time it took for your order to arrive. All our kitchen and HVAC filters are made in the UK and our supplier normally has all sizes advertised on our website site in stock. Unfortunately on this occasion your order came at a busy time and it went on a production run, causing the delay.

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we did order so many products but thats very rubbish they took our money very bad customer service i received my order after 1 month they damaged my parsel as well
15/01/2019 by .

Order date 02/11/2018

Response from Catering Hygiene Specialists

I can appreciate your frustration and we have tried very hard to resolve this for you, but on delivery you signed to say the parcel was not damaged or unchecked even though there was a large green sticker requesting you check it thoroughly before signing. In order for us to cover damage on delivery claims it is imperative this is mentioned on the delivery slip, unfortunately with this in mind the couriers will not cover any costs.
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We undertake kitchen grease extraction, structure and equipment deep cleans. We also tailor make fly screen windows, doors and PVC curtains for commercial and domestic applications. To compliment these services we supply catering equipment and grease filters. All our services and products are supplied and undertaken throughout the UK

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