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Had my iPhone 6 screen repaired today, the quality of the customer service is great, wish could say the day for the quality of the screen .
Even typing is feeling horrible.
The quality of screen which I get is jus horrible, feels like I’m back to iPhone 4.
23/01/2019 by .

following an experience of 10/01/2019

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2 / 5

I got my phone fixed here on Wednesday and ever since then I have been unable to use my screen properly. The screen they gave me might have been faulty or something but I payed £100 there's no reason why my phone should be acting up. I would like a refund or for the problem to be fixed immediately.
22/01/2019 by .

following an experience of 02/01/2019

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2 / 5

Great service from the store but the replacement screen just wasn't anywhere near comparable to the Apple originals. The colours were different (not as vibrant) and there was a strange colour cast. I reached out to their customer services who confirmed that their manufacturers are different and that quality can vary batch to batch.
22/01/2019 by .

following an experience of 03/01/2019



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