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Documents regarding KR-EU FTA were not attached, so I had some problem with applying a conventional tariff

Further, I requested an express delivery, but I haven’t received the product yet
05/09/2018 by .

Order date 27/07/2018

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TERRIBLE. Im trying to return the item and have been emailing to get a free return lable but no response. I dont understand why i cant just print the return label on the website. Im wondering if this is even a legit company.
31/03/2018 by .

Order date 17/02/2018

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Horrible customer service. When I was ordering an item I would get messages right away when it came to questions and inquiries. The package was stuck in French customs for awhile, but I did end up getting it. It was really nice product, Cliptosh. It appeared to be high quality and I was very happy with it, for about 21 hours. One of the hinges broke off. I'm not sure if it was my bad luck, or if it was the quality. Maybe a little of both. Anyhow, I tried to get a hold of them to exchange or return it, even sending pictures clearly showing where the solder made a clean separation of the hinge from the frame. I never received a reply, which is weird because they were always quick to reply when I was ordering the item. I sent multiple messages and still no reply. Apparently they didn't want to honor their 100% quality guarantee, nor their free returns. It seems very crook-like. I unfortunately will never do business with them again, based solely on the character of their business...
23/03/2018 by .

Order date 09/01/2018



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