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I tried to return a pair of glasses that I suspect are fake and they gave me a UPS label to return but did not accept delivery and returned to sender. Avoid this website. It’s not worth whatever you think you’re saving.
12/04/2019 by .

Order date 02/01/2019

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Don't believe Lunigal's claim that they provide free shipping for returns. I used the UPS label Lunigal provided and the package was returned to me. Lunigal has now ignored three e-mails requesting another shipping label. Lunigal's customer service stinks. Prepare to be ghosted when you ask for a return.
31/03/2019 by .

Order date 08/01/2019

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Documents regarding KR-EU FTA were not attached, so I had some problem with applying a conventional tariff

Further, I requested an express delivery, but I haven’t received the product yet
05/09/2018 by .

Order date 27/07/2018



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