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5 / 5

Easy to understand and good service
07/01/2019 by .

Order date 07/12/2018

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5 / 5

En nuestra organización estamos muy satisfechos con todas las prestaciones que la herramienta Mailify ofrece. Además, los compañeros de servicio técnico resuelven todas tus dudas en cuestión de segundos, ya sea por teléfono o vía email.
08/11/2018 by .

Order date 09/10/2018

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5 / 5

Best email marketing application ever.
14/10/2018 by .

Order date 13/09/2018

Hello Juan Luciano! Thank you very much for this review - that's a huge compliment! We hope to keep meeting your expectations. Thanks a lot again!

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4 / 5

Muy útil y fácil de manejar. El único inconveniente es que los cambios no se guardan siempre y se bloquea la aplicación.
23/09/2018 by .

Order date 24/08/2018

¡Muy buenas Marta!

Gracias por tu valoración positiva. Lamentamos las incidencias que puedan ocurrir. Cuando esto pase, no dudes en escribirnos a detallando el problema y cómo acontenció para que el equipo técnico te pueda ayudar.

¡Muchas gracias!

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4 / 5

Hay algunos campos que se editan, pero no deja hacer una segunda edición,
También la forma en que se pueden colocar las imágenes no da tantas opciones.
07/09/2018 by .

Order date 08/08/2018

¡Muy buenas!

Gracias por la valoración positiva, nos hace muy felices que la aplicación os encaje. Pasamos nota al equipo de soporte para que puedan ayudaros con las dudas de uso. Recuerda que hay muchos parámetros con los que puedes "jugar" para hacer la plantilla a tu gusto: tamaño, posición, colores, bordes, un editor de fotos integrado... Y también, que algunas limitaciones están ahí para asegurar que tu plantilla se adapte bien a todas las pantallas, adaptación que el editor realiza por ti automáticamente.

Dinos si quedara alguna otra duda,

¡Gracias de nuevo!

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2 / 5

Customer service I contacted was not helpful and actually trying to make me feel like I wasn't a valued customer when I expressed my concerns. Some features are not easily available and thats what I was trying to express. I received a refund, which, besides the refund the prices compared to other sites are more competitive with easy access to the features I search was looking to get help on.
03/04/2018 by .

Order date 04/03/2018

Hi Therline,

First of all, thank you for your feedback. We are very sorry to hear that you're unhappy with your experience with Mailify. Our main priority is to provide the best service to our customers and we value feedback like yours that helps us to do so.

We truly want to support our customers every step of the way with Mailify, and with digital marketing topics in general. Although we're aware that it won't change the outcome of your experience, we'd like to mention that in addition to our support team, we do our best to provide resources such as webinars, white papers and a comprehensive user guide to help our customers get familiar with all aspects of Mailify. This way we aim to ensure that they can make the most of the platform.

Tanks again for your feedback.

Kind Regards,

The Mailify Team

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1 / 5

I think that additional and bad service also fraud
08/02/2018 by .

Order date 09/01/2018

Hi Luis Fernando!

FIrst of all, thank you for taking the time to write us an opinion. We believe there is a misunderstanding, because we reviewed your case with the support and sales team, and your requests were always answered, providing help to solve the issues or next steps when we needed more information to solve them.

That's why we believe the review doesn't reflect the reality, although we'd be happy to hear back from you if it's not the case and to keep helping if you still need it.

Thank you for your time again Luis Fernando!



Mailify offers the best email marketing software to send responsive emails. Our email blast software is loaded with creative and simple tools to make your campaigns successful.

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