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Une villa fantastique dans un endroit fantastique. Le service de MPO a été fantastique du début à la fin. Ma famille est ravie pour les prochaines vacances!

following an experience of 07/10/2020
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5 / 5

We all had a wonderful relaxing vacation. The villa was spotless and had everything we needed. The pool was fantastic and the area was peaceful and friendly. Menorca has lots to see and do, we absolutely loved our time there.
25/08/2020 by .

following an experience of 16/08/2020

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5 / 5

In June last year we stayed in one of your Villas in Menorca and had a really great time. So much so that in March this year we again visited you in Ashbourne, where we find your staff extremely helpful, and we were able to review your excellent selection of Menorca villas. We are looking forward to booking again with you as soon as the Coronavirus situation allows, either later this year or early next.
22/04/2020 by .

following an experience of 02/03/2020

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MPO Travel is an independent group of private owners that offer an exclusive selection of handpicked luxury villas and Lodges in Menorca and South Africa.

MPO Travel, Unti 2 Spire House
Waterside Business Park
DE6 1DG, Ashbourne
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