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The website was confusing and I was unable to simply pay for the Confirmation Statement but had to include services I did not want.
19/08/2019 by .

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OnlineFilings™ is the all-in-one Companies House and HMRC filing platform to start and run a business online. Whether you want to start your company, file for Companies House or HMRC, or need help with opening a Business Bank Account, you can find all these services at OnlineFilings™. OnlineFilings™ has a direct electronic link with Companies House, meaning that the filing and secretarial software you are using on the platform have all been tested and authorised by the government.

Online Filings Ltd
Studio 210, Curtain House
134-146 Curtain Road
EC2A 3AR, London
Tel: 020 3872 2696
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Online Filings Ltd
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