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Customer services was great, I was going in holidays and I needed the statue to be delivered 3 weeks later, they organised it and yes on the date they said, I was contacted for my delivery. The statue looks better than in the website, lot of compliments. So everything was perfect
15/04/2022 by .

following an experience of 28/02/2022

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5 / 5

I cannot find fault with this company, the customer service was brilliant, the delivery was quick and the packaging was outstanding. Everything about this transaction was 100%
30/03/2022 by .

following an experience of 10/03/2022

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5 / 5

As a repeat customer, I believe that a true reflection of a company is how it responds when something goes wrong. In this instance, I purchased one of the Japanese lanterns to add to the ones we already have. Due to problems in transit (down to the transport company) it transpired that one of the smaller components was fractured. I took photos of this and emailed Wanda. In less than 2 hours, Raphael responded not merely to acknowledge my email but to offer a solution. That was, that a replacement part would be sent to me. In due course, the item duly arrived and we were able to set up the votive in the garden for Christmas, as per our original plan. So, well done Wanda and Raphael in particular. You certainly earned the 5 stars! Regards, Trevor
07/01/2022 by .

following an experience of 24/11/2021

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3 / 5

not a great experience first delivery never arrived was told it would take a long time as customs was backed up then after a few weeks in transit it was found to be broken. second delivery was a couple of months later that one arrived within a week which didn’t make sense after the custom’s story. once the item arrived i had to get help to remove from lorry as the driver had no means of doing this. it was very large and heavy . never should of happened. then i discovered it had a fair bit of damaged . after talking to customer service i was offered £30 compensation for a £580 item as they didn’t want to take it back. i refused and was then offered £60. after a week or so i was offered £200 which was enough to get it repaired. the whole experience wasn’t good ordered in april received in september
20/12/2021 by .

following an experience of 12/11/2021

Response from Wanda collection
Good morning and thank you for your message. We do confirm first shipment was damaged by the transport company before it crossed the border. We had to wait for a new product arrival before being able to organize another shipment. Delivery was just not up to our standards and we made a formal complaint to the transport company. We then made our best to find a solution were you would be able to use the product you ordered despite all the problems. My manager authorized me to exceed regular compensation given this special situation. We sincerely apologize for these problems and for the inconvenience. The vast majority of our shipments never have any problem and the situation with Customs has recently improved quite significantly. Thank you.

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5 / 5

I contacted Wanda Collection's regarding shipping to the UK with the current logistical issues with Brexit and shipping. They went above and beyond for my customer and made sure each step went smoothly. Great service, great communication, great product.
21/10/2021 by .

following an experience of 01/10/2021

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5 / 5

Cannot fault Wanda Collectiion easy website to use. They keep us up to date with delivery, packaging was excellent and the carrier company very helpful. All round great experience.
21/07/2021 by .

following an experience of 26/03/2021

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4 / 5

Easy ordering
27/06/2021 by .

following an experience of 04/05/2021

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